I failed after using your product, how can I get the refund?

Payment Refund Procedure:

Our "payment refund procedure" is quite simple, and we will require the following information from you:

  • Send us a scanned copy of the "enrollment slip" in the certification exam i.e. we need to know that when you registered for the exam.
  • Send us a scanned copy of your Result/Score Report.
  • Order number of products purchased from us.
  • Name and Payment method
  • For refunds, our email is present at the bottom of the same page.

We'll refund your money within 7 business days.

Payment Refund Policy:

In order to save ourselves from scammers and continue this Money-Back Guarantee for loyal customers, we do want to make sure that:

  • The candidate prepared for the examination and spent at least 7 days studying our materials.
  • The Candidate didn't skip the examination due to personal problems.
  • You have purchased the product from us within the last 30 days. After 30 days from the date of purchase, you can not claim a guarantee.
  • Outdated Exam materials are not valid for claim. Candidates who use our outdated materials to attend the Exam which is already updated by just certs Team have no right to make claims.
  • The guarantee does not apply to "non-proctored" exams i.e. exams available online without a proctor.
  • Retired exam. (For customers who use our current product to attend the exam which is already retired.)
  • For the above cases and some others which do not appear but are involved with the guarantee policy, we reserve All Rights for the explanation regarding Claims